Thinking Out Loud : Everyone needs a little help

Even the most creative of people need a little help. It’s by no means a constant stream of life-changing money making ideas.

Many authors quote the exhaustive list of character traits the worlds most creative people possess, but few talk about the manner and intensity to which they apply those traits.

Here are just 5 descriptives creative people do (consciously or subconsciously differently {believe me, there are more!}.

Whilst many traits are natural, some can be learned, even if it’s understanding the top line level in order to improve ones skill set.

Have a read and drop a couple in. There are no hard and fast rules, just roll with it.

“They daydream a lot”

Guilty, as charged!

Mrs Mickelson was a miserable old sod and relegated me from set 1 to set 2 in maths… All because I stared out of the window!

Many consider daydreaming to be subconscious, but recent studies show that many do so on purpose,

Daniel Goleman, author of Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence, says “the time a distracted brain spends tackling tough challenges makes up for diminished productivity.”

#thatswhatcalculatorsarefor #getanaccountant

“They watch the world with the eyes of a child”

Many say this is reference to seeing the world as a child, but my take is more about being less judgemental. People who often pre-judge cannot see past their presumptions.

They believe the world is predictable.

Modern society is anything but predictable.

Who’d have thought Donald Trump would be one of the most powerful men in the world, and more bizarre, that people believed Nigel Farage was capable of generating £350m for the NHS!! ha

They will fail, and you can be sure they will try again

There is more that one way to skin a cat, so if at first…

This isn’t forced either, creatives find a way, because there always is one.

It’s a matter of how and when.

Because coming second isn’t an option.

Building a attitude around wanting to win and finish something will do you no harm!

They work when you sleep and they sleep when you work

My biggest challenge. Working 9-5.

If you find a creative that channels their creative output to between office hours, then offer them all the money you can. it’s rare.

You’ll find most creatives drop you an inbox at 3am.

Because the best ideas aren’t forced, they arrive when the time is right.

They procrastinate!

Ok, this is my biggest challenge.

Give a person a strong brief and short deadline {with a few quid maybe!} and you’ll get their best work.

Creatives work off the cuff, that’s the actual skill.

We all have creative abilities in us, some don’t share through lack of confidence, or the ability to convey their idea in words, and it may take a little longer.

My advice is, write it down and ask 10 people. You may be better than you think!

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