Lockdown: Heads or Tails?

Unlike the first lockdown this year, we now have the invaluable knowledge of knowing we will be coming out of this one on Friday 2nd December 2020.
If you read the news from the first lockdown, you’ll have seen it was very black and white for businesses, they either made cuts, redundancies, stopped selling and went to the wall, or they adapted, aimed to keep their head above water and survived to come out the other side!
It’s inevitable we’ll see businesses close, but with that comes opportunity, and what we did see, is a shift in habits, buying trends, improved focus on family and our children, old fashioned board games and quizzes, a huge increase in exercise and a renewed love for our grassroots local sport again.
Regardless of your opinion of who’s running the country and how they’ve handled some of the issues we’ve faced, it’s all irrelevant in regards to the outcome of your destiny and survival, it’s your own responsibility to find a way to make it happen!
The government has again planned to inject money into the economy and businesses to ensure cash keeps moving hands, and therefore the money will be out there to work for.
One of the most hard-hit industries is The health and beauty industry, but there are opportunities. Connect with your client’s online face to face, offer 30-minute consultations to help people do things for themselves whilst you’re not there in person. Offer your premium products at discounted prices and deliver them to someone’s doorstep covid safe. These times are an opportunity to stand out from the multinationals by offering a personal service that they never offer.
The devices and online resources we now have at our disposal mean there’s always an angle and always a way.
You’ve got to be prepared to adapt, step out of your comfort zone, even stack cucumbers if it means you do whatever it takes to stay sane, keep active and remain positive!
If you’re struggling to think of ways of diversifying contact me, I’ll be able to help; And it’s free. Because we need to help each other!
Pick your attitude and pick which side of the coin you want!
07540 770 889

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