Firstly the name.

Ideation is a noun and translates to “the formation of ideas or concepts”.

Secondly me, Daniel McIntyre.

I’m a forward thinking web and marketing guy with over 20 years experience in a sales and marketing environment.

Based from a quaint cottage office in Hessle, East Yorkshire, I believe in providing flexible, affordable and effective web and marketing solutions to organisations of all sizes.

I develop brands, specialise in web development projects and modern digital marketing techniques to maximise results.

I have worked in sales, advertising and marketing for over 20 years and have worked with the UK’s leading brands including Yell, Bauer Media and Groupon, benefitting from the very best training environments.

My work approach is both disciplined and creative. I am supported by a full time senior web developer with over 15 years experience across large scale clients and projects.

I’m available for an informal chat to discuss your ideas by messaging or calling 07540 770 889 or emailing